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Media Localization Masterclass
Plain X and Deutsche Welle: Case Study


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Fully localize any video with just one tool!

In 2022 we bring you another groundbreaking event with a Plain X Masterclass where you’ll learn all about the 4-in-1 platform for video adaptation.

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Join us and learn everything you need to know about Media Localization that can be powered by you!

AI as your service
Can you imagine
artificial intelligence as a service

Translation, Transcription, Subtitling and Voice Over all powered by Machine Translation, brought together in a single tool.

 Who we are 

The Locdoc - Media Localization Masterclass is an event promoted by localization experts and tech language consultants.


The second edition of Locdoc - Media Localization Masterclass is powered by AP | PORTUGAL- Tech Language Solutions, with the support of
Plain X and Deutsche Welle


AP | PORTUGAL is member of:

Who we are

What we do

We promote high-value events related to technology and service innovation in the localization industry.

If you have a disruptive technology for the localization industry, know that it can be featured on the next edition of Locdoc.

Last year's edition reached more than half a million localization and C-Level B2B professionals.

In this event

You will be able to localize video content in several different languages from your laptop, with just one tool! Thanks to Machine Translation and AI Technologies, like Machine Learning and Deep Learning.


Have fun and book a ticket now!

See for yourself what you will be able to do after this Masterclass!

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What we do



Konstantin is a marketeer and localization specialist. Involved in localization since 2012, Konstantin has co-created two conferences, authored dozens of leading reports and research, and has engaged audiences at hundreds of conferences around Europe, the US and Asia.

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Konstantin Dranch

Industry Researcher



Mario Junior is a former basketball player, loves hiking and never misses a music festival. He is a Tech language consultant and the CEO of  AP | PORTUGALMember of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA - US),  the European Language Industry Association ( ELIA  ), the Association of Translation Companies ( ATC - UK ), and  the Association of Language Companies ( ALC - US )

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Mário Júnior

Tech Language Solutions Consultant


Carlos Amaral

CEO at Priberam

Carlos graduated in Electronics Engineering at Técnico, with a specialization in Systems and Computers and was a full time researcher at INESC. He is co-founder and CEO of Priberam, where he took several roles in R&D, Product Management and Business and Partnerships Development.

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Peggy van der Kreeft

Innovation Project Manager at Deutsche Welle

Peggy is an Innovation Manager at Deutsche Welle’s Research and Cooperation Projects unit. She has a Master’s in applied linguistics and a postgraduate degree in teaching. She specializes in language processing, in particular speech-to-text, automated translation, automated subtitling and synthetic voice applications and focuses on bringing language technologies into Deutsche Welle.

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Mirko Lorenz is an Innovation Manager at Deutsche Welle. A former journalist his focus is to explore technologies leading to new and better workflows in the newsroom. He is a co-founder, former CEO and now chairman of Datawrapper, a software to create charts, tables and maps which is in use in newsrooms around the world. In a recent role he supports the market roll-out for plain X together with tech partner Priberam.

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Mirko Lorenz

Innovation Manager at Deutsche Welle


Scott Rose is the former CTO of Iyuno-SDI and offers over 31 years of experience bringing localization tools, workflows, bus dev and thought leadership to the M&E industry. He has worked closely with every major content provider and delivery system and his global experience encompasses facilities and partners in over 40 countries. Scott's primary mission is to find the creative value of the human in the loop, and automate everything around them.

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Scott Rose

Executive Advisor


Sponsors and Partners


Interpreting Hub


ISO 17100 & ISO 18587 Certified


4-in-1 platform for video adaptation


Germany's International Broadcaster

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