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The time has come for the democratization of AI.

Small and medium-sized organizations can easily adapt their traditional language services, towards true digital transformation for themselves and their customers.


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artificial intelligence as a service

This absolutely groundbreaking new format will allow you to transform this knowledge sharing moment into customised videos featuring your company’s brand so that you can use them with your customers.

 Who we are 

The - Masterclass Multilingual Synthetic Content  is an event promoted by localization experts, tech language consultants, neural voice and text to video technology leading experts. Check our world renowned speakers.


The first edition of - Masterclass Multilingual Synthetic Content is powered by AP | PORTUGAL- Tech Language Solutions, with the support of Synthesia, Acapela, Wordbee and


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What we do

We promote high-value events related to technological and service innovation in the localization industry.

You will be able  to localize video content in several different languages from your laptop without hiring any movie crew that would cost a fortune!


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This video was localized into the following languages ​​in just 5 minutes with a simple laptop, using text to video technology.

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How deepfakes could soon change our world

Check out the interview that our synthetic content creation partner, Synthesia, gave on 60 minutes of CBS.


Konstantin is a marketer and localization specialist. Involved in localization since 2012, Konstantin has co-created two conferences, authored dozens of leading reports and research, and has engaged audiences at hundreds of conferences around Europe, the US and Asia.

Konstantin Dranch

Industry Researcher

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Sherry Low

Sales Manager at Acapela Group

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Sherry joined Acapela Group in 2020 and now assists companies in finding the voice that best suits their needs and brand identity.
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174857 (1)_edited.png
Kaisar Dauletbek

Natural Language Processing Engineer at

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Kaisar Dauletbek is a natural language processing researcher and engineer. At, he works on bringing state-of-the-art language technologies closer to the general users and developing AI solutions to the problem of text generation. As a researcher, he studies the statistical tendencies of machine text and developing robust statistical frameworks for text analysis.
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Mario Junior is a former basketball player, loves hiking and never misses a music festival. 
He is a Tech language consultant and the CEO of  AP | PORTUGAL.
Member of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA - US),  the European Language Industry Association ( ELIA  ), the Association of Translation Companies ( ATC - UK ), and  the Association of Language Companies ( ALC - US )
Mário Júnior

Tech Language Solution Consultant

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Daniel Verten

Head of Creative at Synthesia

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Daniel Verten is Head of Creative at Synthesia. In his role, he oversees brand and communications and the creative product roadmap at the company. Previous to joining Synthesia, Daniel worked in multiple roles at WPP, the world's largest advertising group. Among other roles in London and Singapore, he launched WPP's AI programme globally.
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Andre Hemker - WBCEO.png
Andre Hemker

CEO of Wordcraft GmbH and Wordbee

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Andre Hemker, CEO of Wordcraft GmbH and Wordbee, has more than 10 years of localization experience for technical documentation, DTP, web & CMS, as well as multimedia content for web, TV and theatres, on the vendor & client-side. Andre has also more than 10 years of audio post-production experience and a MA in Applied Linguistics & Translation.
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Nancy Haehnel.png
Nancy is the founder of and NH Global. Nancy’s unique combination of 20 years in the language industry, sales leadership and digital marketing expertise, helps companies turn local achievements into international success. is a new initiative to drive customer and employee engagement with AI-generated human-in-the-loop videos.
Nancy Hähnel

Founder of NH Global and

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