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You will learn how to transform traditional language services with the help of AI.


AI as your Service

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Opening Session

All about Multilingual Synthetic Content by Konstantin Dranch

How to transform Traditional Language Services by Mário Júnior and Konstantin Dranch 

Text-to-Video Technology: Synthesia Masterclass by Daniel Verten + Q&A

Challenge the avatar: Nancy Hähnel Masterclass

Neural Digital Voices in Multiple Languages: Acapela Masterclass by Sherry Low + Q&A

Copywriting and AI Content Creation: Texta Masterclass by Kaisar  Dauletbek + Q&A

Round Table - How to sell Multilingual Synthetic Content by Mário Júnior, Kaisar Dauletbek, Nancy Hähnel and Sherry Low

Standardization in Media Localization for use of TMS in Audiovisual Localization Workflow by Andre Hemker

Closing Session


Who should attend?


This event was created for localization services companies, CEOs, and heads of production of LSPs, LSCs, MLVs and freelancers who are committed to creating a stronger future for their company. 


For you





Learn how to empower your teams

Become part of the new generation of tech language solutions companies

Gain actionable insights on the future of AI in the language industry

Drive the discussions shaping the future of the language industry

For your company





Learn and share knowledge which will be transforming to your organization

Discover how to create multilingual synthetic content

Develop your company’s digital transformation

Get video resources with your own branding

Video is the most widely used form of communication in content strategy, followed by blogs and infographics.

Source: HubSpot Study, Global Survey, Nov - Dec 2019

Your video

By participating in the - Masterclass Multilingual Synthetic Content 2021, at the end you will have access to a customised video with your name or brand, with a summary of the presentations by the invited experts, so you can advertise to your partners and customers the new services you are able to provide locally.



A video with your name and/or brand featuring experts and consultants talking about innovation, new service trends and AI-backed solutions

is usually quite impressive for customers!


Video on landing pages is capable of increasing conversion rates by over 80%, and the mere mention of the word “video” in your email subject line increases open rates by 19%. 90% of customers also say videos help them make buying decisions.

Source: HubSpot Content Trends Survey, Q3 2017